Rideau Lakes Aikiko Aikido Classes:

In Aikido, a person practices keeping one point, or moving from the hara, by relaxing, thinking and moving with their weight to the underside, and by putting their mind 2-3" below their navel.

"The primary training in Aikido is to first settle down in your hara before you start...
Being settled, centered."

"Taka a ma hara from Japanese kototama theory means Heaven is in your Hara."
John Stevens
Improving Your Personal Practice from a Japanese Perspective
Interview with Bronwen & Frans Stiene

Participation in Rideau Lakes Zen studies
Introduction to Rideau Lakes Aikiko Aikido
needs to be completed prior to attending general practice.
Sign-up through Rideau Lakes Zen Centre

Please Note:  We are on sabbatical for the time being.
Individuals wishing to practice are encouraged to study independently - either with their friends or alone using the resources found here along the way.


Rideau Lakes Aikido is a program run through Rideau Lakes Zen Centre.

Minimum age requirement is 18. 

Classes are held at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations and times.  Everyone is welcome, but our location varies and our doors are locked, so please contact us ahead of time. Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet.  

The Rideau Lakes Aikiko Aikido system has a complete curriculum of belt levels. All participants wear white belts, or as they progress - white belts and hakamas (black pleated pants) - regardless of rank.  

Rideau Lakes Aikiko Aikido is a continuous program located in Rideau Lakes Township.

The 7 Pleats of the Hakamas stand for:

Yuki - Courage, valour, bravery
Jin - Humility, charity, benevolence
Gi - Justice, righteousness, integrity
Rei - Etiquette, courtesy, civility, respect
Makoto - Sincerity, honesty, reality
Chugi - Loyalty, fidelity, devotion
Meiyo - Honour, dignity, prestige​


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